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"The Ibach F-III you sold me is the most beautiful piano in the world.  Your careful attention to voicing and regulation has been noticed by some famous artists who have practiced on my piano before performances like Olga Kern and others. Your magnificent reconditioning of my old family Bechstein Grand restored the sound to better than I ever heard it before!" 

R. Weaver - Jamesville, NY

 "The voicing and regulation on my Steinway L 5'10" Grand Piano transformed the piano to a sound and performance it never had.  As a student of Earl Wild, I so appreciate your ability to create the tone colors I need to perform the music I love to play.  Thank you."                                                                                                                        C. Beno - Utica, N.Y.

"Evan is better than anybody. I've had many pianos tuned by other peopl but he is by far the best!  He has deep knowledge and really loves what he does!"  "To my dear friend, Evan; with great admiration , gratitude and affection...."

Lee Shaw, Jazz Artist - Albany, NY


"The magnificent rosewood Victorian Steinway 6'1" model A. is exactly what we were looking for.........a centerpiece for our home.  Thank you."                                                                                                           Prof. J. Fout - Hudson, NY


  "After wanting one for over 40 years, thank you for finding the magnificent Knight Studio Upright for us. It has a huge tone and arrived in wonderful shape in Barbados. Thank you for finding and reconditioning the marvelous Hamburg Steinway B 7' Grand. You are one of the best around.  You go beyond technical tuning to make the piano sound its very best!"

R. Findlay Cockrell, Concert Artist - Albany, NY


"Evan Tublitz one of the very best America has to offer. I come from a piano manufacturing family, and we would only recommend Evan over and over again."                         Helene Ibach,  Rud. Ibach Sohn, GmbH -- Schwelm, Germany


"Evan Tublitz has a special gift for what he does. He is a highly skilled master piano technician who can work his magic to transform an ordinary sub par piano into something extraordinary. In my case, he began with a beautiful 11 year old Yamaha baby grand and recreated it into the instrument I had always desired it to be. As Staff Pianist and Adjunct Music Faculty at Green Mountain College, I am serious about my playing and need a piano that will respond. Mine was uneven in sound, had a dead zone, the action was too hard and the treble tone was inadequate. Evan regulated it, voiced it in the German style, eased up the action and so much more. Now it will respond to any level of artistry and is a total joy to play. I cannot believe it is the same instrument. Evan is passionate about what he does and loves to teach the pianist about his/her piano. As performers, we sometimesw don't realize all that is involved 'under the hood.' He loves to edify and explain. He listens to a pianist's wish list and then he has the skill to make it a reality after many years of experience in his field. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had Evan work his magic on my piano."     Jean Kirkland Sutton, Green Mountain College                                                                                                                 

"The  Baldwin  Console  you  sold  us  is perfect for our  home  and our daughter.  Thank you for recommending the Dampp Chaser system as the piano stays in tune so well that we only need to tune it once a year."                  J. Sloane - Troy, NY


"The Yamaha M-1 I bought from you has a sound like a Yamaha U1 48" Upright!  It is better sounding than any piano for its size."                                                                                                                                           D. Nichols - Albany, NY


"Just had the guts of my beautiful ol' lady piano refurbished by Evan Tublitz of the Used Piano Center.    He is a genius and I now have the COOLEST SOUNDING instrument in my living room. Thanks, Evan!!!

Curtis Funk, Choral Director/Organist - Guilderland, NY

  "With the help of my piano tuner, I found the perfect piano at your place.   The Baldwin studio upright is rich sounding and sounds so large in our home."                                                                                          J. Ralbovsky - Gloversville, NY

 "The Kawai KS2F Professional Upright has the richest sound of any piano we saw.  Thank you for your service and for delivering the piano promptly. "                                                                                            M. Zanella - Amsterdam, NY


"Thank you for getting the Sohmer Upright up the stairs to my apartment.  It sounds great and is so much better than my last piano!."                                                                                                 S. Carbo, piano teacher - Saratoga Springs, NY

  My desire to get back to playing the piano was fulfilled with the beautiful Steinway 6'1" Grand you sold me.  It has given me hours of pleasure and thanks for stopping by to adjust it for me."                                        B. McGehee - Greenwich, NY

"I waited for you to find the piano I wanted.  The Yamaha U1 in Walnut has a rich tone and performance.  Both my girls and I are very happy with the piano."
                                                                                       D. Triller - Glenmont, NY 


"We wanted to thank you for getting the Kawai KS5F Professional Upright up the stairs to the second floor.     Your mover are amazing........they did it so well.  The piano sounds great."                                     S. & L. Till - Saratoga Springs, NY

  "We picked the Yamaha G5 6'6" Grand for our Auditiorium over all other new pianos because of its rich tone and responsive action.  It was the most musical instrument at a great price.  Thank you for your work." 

Stillwater Central Schools - Stillwater, NY

"Thank you for helping us find the two pianos we needed for our homes.  Also, thank you for promptly servicing the Kimball Console when we needed an adjustment."                                                                      A. & J. Glick - Schenectady, NY

"Thank you for the wonderful work on the Yamaha P2 Studio Upright that we have.  The tone changed from bright to so very rich and it plays like a dream now."                                                                                   B. Garrison -- Albany, NY






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