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This is the culmination of the philosophy of  marketing used pianos developed by Evan Tublitz. While most stores, technicians, rebuilders offer varying quality of product depending on their skills, knowledge, and ethics:

USED PIANO CENTER offers only one level of quality ....... Premium Select . 

An extensive inspection is performed to insure that each instrument meets our stringent standards of both quality and value before acquiring it.  We generally experience a 60-70% rejection rate of pianos we choose not to handle.  We acquire only those pianos that will allow us to offer unbeatable value against the current market anywhere!

Make Ready for Sale

Most piano stores fail as they either invest too much or too little into the instrument to achieve the proper balance of quality and value.

With an eye always toward quality performance in each piano, we assess what the piano requires utilizing a system developed by Mr. Tublitz.  Like the old adage, it is not how hard you work, it is how smart you work  that achieves the best results.

We have only two goals here in this business:
First, we must achieve a highly pleasing, musical performing instrument - not just one that sounds like a piano and makes noise.

Second, we must provide the ultimate competitive value against what is available in the marketplace.  Translation: It must sound great and be the best buy available!

  Used Piano Center -- Evan Tublitz Dampp Chaser Certified Installer



As always, Mr. Evan Tublitz has functioned with the highest of integrity.  We will make no false claims about an instrument, its background, its condition, and anything else we may know about it.  It is imperative that you, the consumer, understand all the decisions we made in offering you the piano you are buying. We have nothing to hide about why we have made the choices we have in handling your piano. You must be educated to understand the value of what you are purchasing.  We believe that, from a concerned piano buyer, there are no stupid questions ...ever!


Certificate of Authenticity 

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Each piano sold by the USED PIANO CENTER  has  a  Certificate  of Authenticity for the owner to verify the instrument, its age and condition.  The certificate contains information about the manufacturer, date of the piano, and any history regarding its previous owners.  It also includes a detailed listing of all work performed by us on the instrument and is signed by Evan Tublitz personally to authenticate its contents.


Warranty & Trade-In Policy 

 As always, the biggest customer concern is will it last?  We offer a 5-YEAR USED PIANO WARRANTY to protect you from any unforeseen problems, Furthermore, we offer a LIFETIME FULL VALUE TRADE FOR UPGRADE Policy with all the pianos we sell to further insure the value of your investment.


Our Commitment To You
Our final goal is to provide you with a piano that is unsurpassed in performance and value and is able to provide you, the owner, with the means of expressing your deepest emotions through music. We hope, as well, that you also find each piano will communicate our philosophy and our deep love of the piano.

Evan Tublitz, RPT -- Owner 

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Regular Store Hours:  Monday - Friday:  11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday:  11:00 AM - 5:00 PM    Sunday :  Closed

 (After hours always available by special appointment)


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104 Park Avenue, Mechanicville, NY  12118  (518) 664-4367


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