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     Inventory_1_Ibach F-III.htm       Ibach  F-III 7' 1" Ebony Polish Semi-Concert Grand

     Inventory_2_Steinway O LouisXV.html      Steinway  O 5'10" Grand Louis XV Figured English Mahogany

    Inventory_3_Steinway L.html   Steinway L 5'10" Ebonized Grand

    Inventory_4_Steinway M 1920.html  Steinway M 5'7" Grand

    Inventory_5_Steinway M 405762.html   Steinway M 5'7" Walnut Grand

    Inventory_6_Steinway S.html    Steinway S 5'1" Mahogany Grand

    Inventory_8_Yamaha G5 3470610.html    Yamaha  G5 6'6" Ebony Polish Grand

    Inventory_9_Yamaha G3 3490622.html    Yamaha G3 6'0" Ebony Polish Grand

    Inventory_10_Yamaha G1J 2690102.html    Yamaha G1J 5'3" Satin Ebony Grand

    Inventory_11_Kawai KG5.html         Kawai 6'8" Ebony Polish Semi-Concert Grand

    Inventory_12_Kawai GS-30 1275661.html    Kawai 6'1" Ebony Polish Conservatory Grand   

    Inventory_13_Kawai 500 330913.html    Kawai 5'9" Ebony Satin Grand

    Inventory_14_Mason_Hamlin A Grand.html    Mason & Hamlin 5'8" Ebony Satin Grand

    Inventory_15_Knabe Black Wal. Fr. Prov Grand.html    Knabe Black Walnut 5'8" French Provincial Grand

    Inventory_16_Knabe Queen Anne Cherry Grand.html    Knabe 5'1" Queen Anne Cherry Grand

    Inventory_17_Baldwin M 149736.html    Baldwin 5'1" Mahogany Artist Grand

    Inventory_19_Chickering 5'6 Grand.html    Chickering 5'6" Prince of Wales Grand

    Inventory_20_Premier Grand.html    Premier 5' Walnut Grand

    Inventory_21_Hardman Fr. Pr. Grand.html    Hardman 5' Walnut French Provincial Grand



    Inventory_22_Steinway  1098 4122681.html    Steinway 1098 46" Ebonized Studio Upright

    Inventory_23_Story & Clark 50  Oak Player 3437.html    Story & Clark 50" Tudor Oak Player with Carved Griffon Legs

    Inventory_24_Yamaha YUS 4416701.html    Yamaha YUS 48"  Ebony Polish Professional Upright (X-Back)

    Inventory_25_Yamaha MX100B.html    Yamaha MX100B 48" Ebony Disklavier Player Piano

    Inventory_26_Yamaha U1 2691313.html    Yamaha U1 48" Ebony Polish Professional Upright

    Inventory_27_Yamaha M500CM T267419.html    Yamaha M500CM 44" Oak Super Console

    Inventory_28_Yamaha M1 1806572.html    Yamaha M1 SAW 42" Walnut Continental Console

    Inventory_29_Yamaha M500S.html    Yamaha M500S 44" Sheraton Mahogany Studio Console

    Inventory_30_Yamaha Spinet 741489.html    Yamaha 37" Scandinavian Spinet

    Inventory_31_Baldwin 243HPW.html    Baldwin 243HPW 45" Walnut Studio Upright

    Inventory_32_Baldwin 636 Console 1448095.html    Baldwin Classic 636 42" Queen Anne Console

    Inventory_33_Baldwin 2012 Console 1261040.html    Baldwin 2012 41" Colonial Pine Console

    Inventory_34_Baldwin Acrosonic 1125670.html    Baldwin Acrosonic 36" Walnut Spinet

    Inventory_35_Baldwin Acrosonic 613962.html    Baldwin Acrosonic 36" Sheraton Walnut Spinet

    Inventory_36_Hardman Studio 59060909658.html    Hardman 46" Classroom Studio Upright

    Inventory_37_Wurlitzer 2980 Studio 1606107.html    Wurlitzer 2980 45" Oak Studio Upright

    Inventory_38_Cable Studio 346814.html    Cable 45" Mahogany Studio Upright   

    Inventory_39_Riga Studio 119140.html    Riga 118T 46" Ebony Polish Studio Upright

    Inventory_40_Young Chang E101 1306550.html    Young Chang E101 43" Polished Oak Continental Console

    Inventory_41_Knabe Console 140096.html    Knabe 40" Walnut Console

    Inventory_42_Janssen Console 261933.html    Janssen 40" Walnut Console

    Inventory_43_Kawai CU4-I 42" Console.html  Kawai CU4-I 42" Console

    Inventory_44_Story & Clark Console.html    Story & Clark 40" Mahogany Console

    Inventory_45_Hardman MiniPiano.html    Hardman Ebony Satin 36" Spinet

    Inventory_46_Wurlitzer WP60 48" Professional Upright  Wurlitzer WP60 48" Professional Upright

    Inventory_47_Wurlitzer 2251 42" Console Piano  Wurlitzer 2251 42" Console


 Recent Sold Inventory

    Inventory_4_Steinway M 1920.html

    Inventory_5_Steinway M 405762.html  

    Inventory_9_Yamaha G3 3490622.html

    Inventory_10_Yamaha G3 858765.html

    Inventory_11_Kawai KG5.html

    Inventory_14_Mason_Hamlin A Grand.html

    Inventory_15_Knabe Black Wal. Fr. Prov Grand.html

    Inventory_17_Baldwin M 149736.html

    Inventory_21_Hardman Fr. Pr. Grand.html

    Inventory_24_Yamaha YUS 4416701.html

    Inventory_25_Yamaha MX100B.html

    Inventory_26_Yamaha U1 2691313.html

    Inventory_28_Yamaha M1 1806572.html

    Inventory_31_Baldwin 243HPW.html

    Inventory_37_Wurlitzer 2980 Studio 1606107.html

    Inventory_41_Knabe Console 140096.html

    Inventory_44_Story & Clark Console.html

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